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Dear Dude

Q: The other night my guy was fingering me (pretty aggressively) and it was starting to hurt, but he was really into it and I thought I was just dry so I didn't say anything. But when I woke up this morning and could hardly walk or bend over, I got nervous and decided to check things out down there. He literally TORE ME UP. The skin is ripped directly around the vagina and there are tears nearby. It's just a mess now and it hurts like a bitch! I'm super scared - will the skin grow back? Will it heal completely? Also, how do you properly tell a guy not that he's in the wrong hole, but not in one at all? I don't want to make him feel insecure about this but I definitely don't want to have to ever endure pain like this in the future.

A: Dear Lord! Okay, I’ve gotten over the shock. Let’s take this step by step. 1. Your vulva will be fine. But you should go see your doctor anyway and get it checked out. 2. Avoid sex and sexual play until you are completely healed. Open cuts down there are a...

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