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Dear Dude

Q: A guy in our group thinks he's a great cook (he's pretty good in the kitchen but let's just say he's not getting his own Food Network show anytime soon). He invited us all over for dinner at this place and naturally we brought wine and beer and some desserts. At the end of dinner, he told us that our share of the groceries was $18.00 each. Is it just me or is that insane/rude? I mean, being invited to dinner is a really great thing. Paying for it when I could have gone to a restaurant of my choice is another thing. Or am I totally wrong here? I'm so confused about what's appropriate.

A: Yeah, that's rude. Or at best very cheesy. Unless a pot-luck/group contribution system was decided on ahead of time, it's the host who pays for everything—except the booze, which you and your friends, being polite guests (and not fuckwads, like your friend), thought to bring. Also, who carries $18 around...

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