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How Lulu works

We created Lulu to unleash the power of girl talk.

Lulu is a private network for girls to share their experiences and make smarter decisions - starting with relationships.

A Lulu review Screenshot
A Lulu Review
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Multiple Choice

A review is like a Cosmo quiz. It's multiple choice! Unlike Yelp, girls can't write in their own comments and girls can skip any question they don't want to answer.

Who can see reviews?

Girls can see and create reviews of guys who have signed up to get discovered by millions of girls.

If guys change their mind and don't want to be checked out by girls on Lulu, they can remove their profiles immediately by the link at the bottom of this page.

How do guys get reviewed on Lulu?

Easy! Ask girls who adore you (your best girl friend, your lab partner, your high school ex-girlfriend, your sister, your mom) to review you. Don't be shy.

How do I know if I'm on Lulu?

Have you signed up? Guys must sign up to appear or be reviewed on Lulu. Once you sign up, you can watch your Lulu fan club grow and get feedback from girls about sex and relationships.

How does Lulu use Facebook?

Lulu uses Facebook to check your gender, identify your friends, and to make signing up for Lulu super easy.

Lulu always respects your Facebook privacy settings.

What can guys do on Lulu?

Guys can use Lulu to get anonymous analytics about their profiles. They can see their average score and which hashtags girls use to describe them. They can also see how many girls have checked out their profile and favorited them. Guys can also read sex and relationship advice straight from millions of real girls.

How does Lulu protect guys against abuse?

We built Lulu to be a safe and positive place for girls and guys. We've built a number of protections into the product, including:

  • Girls can only read and create reviews for guys who have signed up for Lulu.
  • Our reviews are multiple choice. Unlike other review sites, girls can't write in their own comments.
  • Agree and disagree buttons let girls weigh in on the accuracy of each review.
  • Lulu is 17+. We are not for children or young teens. We check the age of all users via Facebook and block anyone under 17.
  • If guys change their mind and don't want to be on Lulu, they can get off immediately via the button at the bottom of this page.

How do I get on Lulu?

You can download the app for free in the App Store or Google Play!

How do I get off Lulu?

If you've changed your mind and don't want to get discovered by millions of girls on Lulu, we take you off immediately.

Remove my Lulu profile