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Dear Dude

Q: So I've been dating this guy for two months now, and I've realized that I view him as more of a best friend than a boyfriend. The result being that I'm not really into the sexual side of our relationship anymore. The problem is that he doesn't feel the same way at all--he sees us as a great couple and is super into us. He's so sweet and kind and has done everything right, but I just don't feel like we have any sexual chemistry. The attraction is gone for me. So how do I break up with a guy who has been so great to me? I feel awful.

A: Kill it. Walk up to the injured, baby deer, hobbling along, and put it out of its misery. Be kind: break its fucking neck. Listen, I’m sure you are the sun and the moon to this guy. I’m sure your ass is a globular piece of perfection, that he has...

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